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As I was taking my first steps on learning how to ink with a brush, I was studying what seemed to be an effortless fluidity of the ink lines from comic-book masters Paul Pope and Hugo Pratt, among amothers. Pope’s art book “Pulphope” gave me a first insight to the abyss-like bottomless artistry behind his work.

After reading his writings, the artwork took a secondary role in understanding the process. Inspired by him - and primarily to practice with the brush - I did a quick sketch one night (using a Pentel brush-pen) (Image 1)

The crude sketch left me unsatisfied but kept me inspired, and - many nights later - I started thinking again about this powerful and passionate female (Image 2). She’s coming out from the cartoon-like smoke and reveals her naked body without exposing an inch of her enigmatic self.

Her name was as obvious as a flashing neon sign from a jazz bar in the night. The Mediterranean modern Calypso (Καλυψώ), meaning “to conceal the obvious/visible”. The colour palette, is a poor-man’s study, inspired by one of Paul Pope’s illustrations (Image 3).

Links for purchasing prints of various sizes can be found here.

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List of media

Image 1

Image 1

Screaming red
Image 2

Image 2

Calypso process
Image 3

Image 3

12 color silkscreen for Diesel by Paul Pope

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